Mobile Broadband and WRC-15

The diagrams below show CEPT’s current position in relation to mobile broadband frequencies.

The first shows frequency bands where CEPT has already put harmonisation frameworks in place.

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Diagram 1: Existing bands which are harmonised for mobile broadband in CEPT

The second shows a number of candidiate bands for IMT being considered under Agenda Item 1.1 of WRC-15.

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Diagram 2: Frequency Bands considered by CEPT under Agenda Item 1.1


Interest in the frequencies around 5 GHz is mainly driven by the fact that a large amount of mobile broadband traffic is carried on site-specific R-LAN (Wi-Fi) networks, and that there is already a range of frequencies at 5.8 GHz designated for R-LAN, as well as the heavily-used 2.4 GHz range.

However, there is some standardisation activity on LTE at 5 GHz, and also some similarities of size and implementation dynamics between Wi-Fi and very small cells in mobile networks, as well as the obvious differences. The ECC's spectrum evaluation studies assume use of the most likely technologies, but the policy approach is technology neutral.

Stella Lyubchenko, Spectrum Expert, ECO


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